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Do you have a passion for Star Wars and helping others? Do you desire having a professional-quality costume based on “bad guy” characters from Star Wars? Are you at least 18 years old? If your answer is yes to these questions then you have arrived to the right place, the Diamond Garrison is here to help!

STEP 1: Decide on your Costume

First, you need to choose what you are going to wear! There are over 410 characters to chose from currently and the list is always growing. There is no requirement for your first character, the choice is yours and yours alone. Here are a few things to think about: complexity, availability of parts/materials, your skill level, purchase pre-built or build your own, and cost. Each costume has a Costume Reference in the Costume Reference Library, the “CRL’s,” on the 501st Legion website. You may hear of, or read, the word “Canon” often. Canon is the term used to describe “Screen Accuracy”, ie, how close does your costume look to what you would see in the movies. Don’t fear! You can ask all the questions you can imagine and we will assist you in making decisions with valuable information. Also, your garrison members are always willing to help you along the way. Click Here to see the list of all 501st Approvable Costumes

STEP 2: Join a Detachment Forum

Now that you have decided on your costume, you have to build it, assemble it, sew it, fit it, and then get ready to “troop” in it. Trooping is the term used when we are in costume at an approved event. When you find the Detachment you are interested in, view the Costume List via the link below the Detachment description. The Visual Guide (CRL or Costume Reference Library) for that costume will show up, along with a link at the top of that page to the detachment website/forums. Login to the detachment that relates to your costume, sign up on their forums and read all that you can. They may seem overwhelming at first but you’ll get used to it, and then start asking questions! They are the most reliable online resource for assistance building your costume. Click here to see a list of all the Detachments. 

STEP 3: 501st Legion Member Application

Make sure to complete the 501st Legion Member Application. You will need to decide on five (5) five-digit numbers which will become your Legion ID (TKID). Why five (5)? Legion ID numbers are assigned in order of membership approval and it is possible that your first choice could be taken by the time of your costume approval. With over 5,000 active members, there is a chance that a preferred number choice is already assigned. Please consult the list of available Legion ID numbers. The five-digit number needs to be between 10000 to 99999. A list of available IDs can be viewed here. On the application you will also chose your garrison affiliation. You are on the Diamond Garrison website, so there’s an assumption you are a resident of Arkansas, and thus you will want to chose Diamond Garrison as your garrison. There are often Squads in garrisons, however Diamond Garrison does not have any Squads. The application is available online: 

STEP 4: Take your Approval Photos & Email them to the GML

The final step… your costume must be approved by the Garrison Member Liaison (GML). You will need to take high quality photos of your costume. Take them from the Front, Back, Both Sides, and if your costume has a “bucket,” the slang term for helmet, take a photo without your bucket on — a portrait style headshot. Be sure you have good lighting. The background behind you in the photos must be plain (as possible) so the images are easy to view and they will be used on garrison and legion webpages as your profile image. Once you have your approval pictures ready, you can then send them to the GML with our easy submission form. New Costume Photo Submission Form.

STEP 5: Join the Diamond Garrison Forums

This forum is available to garrison members only. Are you an Arkansan, then you are in the right spot! The Diamond Garrison is your garrison! The Diamond Garrison forums are the location where all official discussions and garrison business is held… it’s where it all happens. Go and register on our Forums.

STEP 6: Join the 501st Legion Forums

Once you have received your TKID from the Legion Membership Officer, you’ll want to sign up for the forums that will be helpful resources for you as you build or acquire your costume. First register for the 501st Legion forums. Click here to register on the 501st Legion Forums.