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Diamond Garrison Officers

Introducing our exceptional volunteers who make every great event possible – our officers!

Get to know them here.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer (CO)

Zack Valentine

Commanding Officer (CO) serves as the chief policy-maker and administrator for the local unit of the 501st Legion.
Executive Officer (XO)

Charles Brown

The Executive Officer (XO) performs duties as assigned by the CO and assumes leadership of the garrison in the absence of the CO. Additionally, the XO assists Squad Leader (SL) with duties as needed.
Squad Leader (SL)

Evan Thacker

Womp Rat Pack Squad Leader (SL) serves as administrator for the Squad in Northwest Arkansas.
Squad Executive Officer (SXO), Garrison Guard (GG)

Tyler Fountain

Squad Executive Officer (SXO) supports the Squad Leader (SL) in executing responsibilities and providing assistance.

Support Staff

Garrison Member Liaison (GML)

Jared Nesbit

Garrison Membership Liaisons (GML) facilitate regional membership requests and maintain local unit member profiles.
Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Ashley Fountain

Public Relations Officers (PRO) are responsible for materials for public information and distribution, social media postings, and interview information.
Diversity Officer (DO)

Sara Droke

Diversity Officers (DO) coordinate garrison and squad efforts toward inclusion and recognition of all of our members.
Garrison Merchandise and Branding Officer (GMBO)

Samuel Clark

Garrison Merchandise and Branding Officers (GMBO) coordinate the production and distribution of official garrison wearables and collectibles.
Garrison Charity Representative (GCR)

Chris Van Briggle

The Garrison Charity Representative (GCR) acts as the main link to charitable organizations, documenting our philanthropic activities, fundraising totals, and promoting charity efforts to members and the public.
Garrison Event Coordinator (GEC)

Scott Horne

Garrison Event Coordinators (GEC) collaborate with event organizers to handle requests, track signups, confirm event details, and conduct post-event tasks like recording donation amounts and curating photo collections.
Garrison Web Liaison (GWL)

Zack Valentine

Garrison Web Liaisons are the primary contact for member Legion profile photos, obtaining and editing them for the 501st Roster. They assist in maintaining the website and forums.
Garrison Web Master (GWM)

Adam Mackall

Garrison Web Masters (GWM) are responsible for designing, constructing, and managing our websites and forum.

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